Eaton Marketing - Jun 24, 2015

The Newest Way to Serve the Perfect Glass of Wine

Is there really a way to serve Florida's wine drinkers the perfect glass of wine every time? The answer is "yes."

Just as industry experts predicted, there has been a dramatic increase in the choices of wine-by-the-glass and wine-on-tap programs served in bars and restaurants throughout Florida. Consumers are demanding more options, are more knowledgeable, and are no longer satisfied with house wines that may not be as fresh as they could be.

At the same time, there are an increasing number of wine enthusiasts who are willing to pay more for a glass of high-end wine that they otherwise might not purchase by the bottle. And when you combine the opportunity for high-end selections with the ability to maintain freshness, the formula is created for the perfect glass of wine. The formula is also created to increase wine sales, and savvy purveyors from Miami to the Gulf Coast are capitalizing on this growing trend.


“When properly maintained with the proper gas, wine will stay fresh for a minimum of five weeks. We generally recommend 75% nitrogen and 25% CO2. Some restaurants use straight nitrogen for white, rose and red and that works fine. What’s important is that the CO2 content is below 25%.”

- Charles Bieler, Gotham Project (

Proper wine-on-tap programs can eliminate the main enemies of wine. Inconsistent temperature, exposure to light, and oxidation will all destroy the flavor and aroma profiles of wine. This leads to unhappy customers and decreased profits.


“In order to remain competitive, restaurants will have to increase their wines-by-the-glass offers because people are becoming more sophisticated about wine and want to taste an expensive wine although they might not necessarily be willing to pay for a whole bottle.”

- Corina Ost, Ink Foundry

For customers who want to try high-end wines for the experience of tasting greatness, there may be hesitations to order entire bottles due to price and volume. Beverage programs that offer wine-on-tap options can capitalize on this market and earn larger profit margins as a result.


The first step to serving the perfect glass of wine is to locate that wine. If you're considering a wine-on-tap program, there's a growing list of top-end wineries that are producing kegs for on-tap establishments. To receive a list of Free Flow Wines distribution and wine brands in keg, download your quick reference guide today.

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