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Elevate Your Chill Factor with Follett Ice

Whether they're in restaurants, hospitals, or workplaces, commercial ice machines are the unsung heroes of modern society. Ice is something that many people take for granted, but when the ice machine isn't working correctly, everyone takes notice.

Thankfully, Follett ice makers are designed for convenience and performance. No matter where a Follettfollett_300x200_-_eaton machine is installed, it will always deliver exceptional results. That's part of the reason why Follett has been one of the top ice-maker brands since 1948, and why we at Eaton Marketing are excited to add this top brand to our line card!

Eaton at Follett

Meet Follett Ice Machines

Ice seems like a pretty simple product to make, but modern Follett ice makers are much more high-tech and complex. For example, modular designs allow operators to install and configure each ice machine to suit a specific need. In restaurants, RIDE machines can deliver ice to a bin up to 75 feet away. In offices, countertop machines can be deployed wherever they work best for maximum convenience and versatility.


In business for almost 75 years, Follet has developed customer-first innovations. These advancements ensure the safety and quality of each ice pellet. Follett has even designed its own proprietary ice shape to ensure customer satisfaction.

With such a diverse lineup and high-tech features, Follett ice makers can take center stage in virtually any industry, from foodservice to life sciences.

Modular Solutions for Customized Needs

Ice machines are helpful in more than just restaurants. The four primary industries Follett serves include healthcare, life sciences, office workplaces, and foodservice.


Ice and ice chips are an essential part of healthcare for many patients. In some cases, chewing or sucking on ice is the best way for a patient to stay hydrated, and it can help them remain calm and collected during their stay. Plus, hospital cafeterias and dining areas must always remain clean and sanitized. Fortunately, Follett commercial ice makers are easy to clean and won't attract pathogens, mold, or pests.

In addition to ice makers, Follett offers various refrigeration and freezing options, including cryogenic machines to handle biological materials.

Life Sciences

While ice machines are not part of the daily routine in life science labs, refrigerators and freezers are. Follett offers a diverse lineup of freezers that handle biological and chemical materials. When every sample must be stored correctly, many labs and clinics trust Follett to help them maintain strict standards.

Office Workplaces

Employee satisfaction is a big part of running a successful office, and access to high-quality ice machines can make a significant difference. Not only do workers love having easy access to ice for their beverages, but they also appreciate having ice that's so fun to chew. Best of all, the compact sizes of modular Follett machines allow them to fit in virtually any break room or cafeteria.


Most restaurants and cafés rely heavily on ice machines to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether the place sells sodas, juices, or any other beverage type, customers expect to be able to get as much ice as they need to stay refreshed.

Follett RIDE System

One of Follett's primary innovations is the RIDE ice system. In this case, the ice machine can stay in the kitchen and send ice to a beverage dispenser up to 75 feet away. This allows operators to maintain better sanitation and monitor the ice machine without disrupting service.

A Guide to Ice Shapes

Not all ice is created equal, so Follett created its most popular ice shape, the Chewblet. The design of this ice is less thick and dense than others, making it easier for anyone to chew. Chewblets are highly enjoyable on their own, and they're available in regular or micro sizes. In some cases, customers may buy a beverage just to get access to this ice—it's that good.

Follett also offers flake ice machines for cold storage. Grocery stores and markets can use the ice for food displays, and labs can mold the ice to fit specific containers. Also, because of its moldable design, anyone can create customized ice shapes, making flake ice a unique visual selling point. Regardless of the ice type any business needs, Follett ice makers can deliver the best results.

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