Eaton Marketing - Nov 24, 2023

Elevating the Wine Experience with the Perlick Wine Column

Typically, when people think of wine, they imagine flowing French vineyards or California's Napa Valley. However, there's a new region that is making waves and turning heads. Florida is becoming a major player in the industry, giving established wineries a run for their money.

For consumers, that means more variety and better meal pairings, especially around the holidays. For operators of bars and restaurants, keeping up with demand is tricky. Fortunately, high-tech devices like the Perlick wine dispenser can help.

Florida Wine: A Growing Industry

Part of the reason why Florida's wine scene took so long to develop is that many vintners tried growing traditional European grapes. However, given the Sunshine State's climate and soil, that would only be possible with massive development and transformation of the natural landscape.

So, growers got creative and chose to go with the flow instead of against it. Muscadine grapes are native to Florida, as are many citrus fruits. So, in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, vintners have turned Florida grapes into world-class wine. What helps these varieties stand out is that they're very light and fruity, making them unique and more palatable, especially to new wine enthusiasts.

Speaking of enthusiasts, the wine industry is becoming a tourist attraction. Alongside mainstays like Orlando or Miami, Florida's winemaking region (mainly in the panhandle) attracts visitors from far and wide. Winery tours have a distinct Florida feel, as the state knows a thing or two about adding panache and entertainment to everything. Therefore, as these wines become more well-known, the area will likely see a substantial influx of new wine connoisseurs.

Wine Pairing + Holiday Food

As wine becomes more popular among the younger crowds, operators must find ways to keep up with demand and appeal to a diverse set of customers. Everyone knows that wine pairs well with specific foods, so bars and restaurants can use that to their advantage. For example, a glass of Chardonnay tastes excellent on its own, but it sings when paired with roasted turkey.

Although trial and error is an excellent way to determine which bottles pair best with each dish, there are some basic pairing tips that operators can keep in mind.

For example, the wine should be sweeter and more acidic than the food. Often, when pairing foods with sauces, the wine should complement the sauce, not the main ingredient. So, while red wine works best with bold meat flavors (i.e., steak), the exact type of red wine may depend on the sauce served with the meat.

Some traditional examples of wine pairings include sparkling wine with a cheese platter, cabernet sauvignon with prime rib, and a zinfandel with gingerbread cookies.

As the holidays approach, operators are likely to develop seasonal menus. By incorporating wine pairing recommendations, it's easy to upsell customers on a glass of red, white, and rosé. Since most of these meals will likely be enjoyed with family and friends, bars and restaurants can also recommend bottles for the table.

Let the Perlick Wine Column Help Increase Sales

With the demand for wine increasing, operators must ensure they hold each bottle at the right temperature. Otherwise, wines can spoil and become bitter, leading to poor customer satisfaction.


Perlick_Transparent_330-1Fortunately, the Perlick wine dispenser is expertly crafted to alleviate many of the challenges of storing wine for foodservice. For example, operators can adjust the internal temperature, even throughout a shift. The glass door is UV-resistant so that sunlight won't spoil the wine inside. Even the shelves are customizable, so operators can fit as many bottles as possible while maintaining flavor and intensity.

Overall, the Perlick wine column is the best resource for bars and restaurants to increase sales and exploit the new wine boom. Whether the bottles originate from Florida, California, or across the globe, the dispenser will keep them fresh and delicious.

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Written by Eaton Marketing