Eaton Marketing - Nov 21, 2023

The Festive Flavors of Holiday Fried Foods

The holidays are approaching, which means chefs are planning delicious menus that will delight their guests and create a memorable dining experience. And while many associate classic holiday foods turkey, ham, or green beans, incorporating fried foods into the menu not only satisfies customers but is also a part of some holiday traditions.

The Joy of Deep-Fried Classics

While fried foods aren't immediately associated with the holidays, there are plenty of classic fried foods that restaurants can incorporate into holiday menus to bring a crunchy, flavorful bite to celebrations.

Many restaurants and event spaces will want fried foods for the holidays available as appetizers or canapés that can be passed around and shared with guests. These holiday appetizers include mozzarella sticks, crispy spring rolls, chicken wings, zucchini fritters, and cheese-stuffed jalapeños.

For chefs who want to go even further with their fried menu planning, they can apply the principles of frying to the more traditional elements of a holiday meal. Fried turkey is a trend in restaurants and holiday parties, delivering crispy skin and a juicy interior. Golden-brown tempura vegetables are a unique way to change up traditional veggie sides and present more crunch and more flavor in each bite.

Beyond the Ordinary: Creative Holiday Fried Desserts

Frying isn’t just for savory foods. Restaurants and commercial kitchen spaces can also use frying techniques to take dessert to the next level. Fried desserts have the sweetness that diners crave, combined with some textural crunch and a warm, inviting temperature. Even traditional holiday desserts like oven-baked pie can be transformed into something new, like a fried hand pie

Other dessert ideas include apple fritters, eggnog-infused beignets, pumpkin pie empanadas, and donuts with fall flavors. And don't forget a fried favorite during Hanukkah, the sufganiyah. A round donut injected with jelly or custard and topped with powdered sugar, this treat will appeal to all guests. 

Tips and Tricks for Perfectly Fried Holiday Goodies

To deliver the best fried bites, restaurants must know the best tips and tricks for perfect commercial frying. The quality of the oil used and the type of frying play a part in the final taste.

Another important tip is to avoid overcrowding the fryer. If too many food items are placed into the basket at once, it can lower the temperature of the oil and make foods greasy rather than crunchy and crisp. There are also cost savings to be had by breading fryer foods in the kitchen rather than buying them pre-breaded. The cost of the product is lower with hand-breading, and the end product is fresher and more delicious for diners.

Restaurant operators and kitchen managers should also consider frying as a way to be creative and try new ideas. Out-of-the-box ideas can help make money and deliver customers a fun experience. The food cost of fried items is low, and the more attractive the menu, the more opportunities there are to sell guests new fried treats and combinations.

Reliable Precision for Consistent Results

One of the most essential tips for making holiday fried food that is sure to delight is investing in high-quality and Pitco_Transparent_330-e1559243315368 reliable equipment. Using a Pitco commercial fryer offers precision and consistency, so any fried food holiday menu can go off without a hitch. High-quality fryers help restaurants use less oil, get better results, and save money. With the Pitco Fryer Selector Tool, it's easy to select the best fryer option for commercial kitchens based on the unique needs of the foodservice business. All fryers aren't made the same and come with a variety of features. There should also be consideration of output, how much food is fried a day, and automation. By using Pitco's selector tool, operators can be sure they're selecting the best fryer for their business's needs. 

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