Eaton Marketing - Mar 17, 2020

How Order Pickup Cabinets Are Changing The Future of Takeout

The world we live in is constantly changing and adapting. Mobile ordering is a testimony to that. Carter-Hoffmann recently released a product that is going to change the game when it comes to mobile and online ordering. Take a look at how PUC has combined innovation, creativity, and logic to promote and benefit mobile ordering everywhere.

What are some noteworthy mobile ordering trends that have developed over the past few years?

Mobile payments are a trend that continues to grow in today's day and age. Being able to use your phone as a credit or debit card when checking out simplifies and expedites the overall process. Projections indicate that one in every 10 purchases will be completed with mobile ordering in 2020. Starbucks announced that 13% of its orders are completed using mobile payments. Statistics and data also demonstrate that mobile ordering is the preferred option when it comes to a quick service restaurant (QSR) experience.

Mobile ordering allows companies and restaurants to give their customers options. Many people would be surprised to learn that delivery is not the most popular choice when it comes to mobile ordering food. In fact, the numbers show that people opt to place the order through their phone but pick-up the food on site. Many restaurants have taken notice of this trend and incorporated a convenient pick-up option into their advertisements and promotions.

The ease that mobile ordering provides allows customers to continue society's movement that promotes convenience at every turn. The National Purchase Diary (NPD) group recently shared a study that showed "a restaurant's app or website represents 70 percent of digital orders."  The numbers don't stop there. When comparing the data compiled from people and families dining in versus mobile ordering, the results revealed that mobile ordering has grown and expanded 300% faster. 45% of people even admitted that mobile ordering naturally encourages them to use mobile ordering more often.

What challenges does using mobile ordering present?

There are obviously an incredible amount of benefits that have surfaced since mobile ordering was first introduced. However, that is not to say the process is perfect. In fact, even though mobile-ordering has a great reputation, it also presents a few challenges that should be considered. First off, companies and restaurants want to guarantee that the platform in which the mobile ordering takes place is well-equipped to handle the activity of many customers at once. Traffic isn't just found on the road. Staying updated and continuing to innovate can hopefully limit this problem.

Another problem merchants need to consider when shifting their efforts more on the mobile ordering front is functionality. Making sure your app or mobile ordering system is working properly on both iOS and Android phones should be a must. Also, you need to consider the popular mobile payment apps your customers love to use. A recent statistic showed that 80% of merchants use Samsung Pay despite the fact that it lags behind Apple and Google Pay in terms of popularity and usage. Having a clear understanding of your customers and what their tendencies are will go a long way in how successful your mobile ordering platform will be.  

What is PUC, and how can it benefit mobile ordering?

Pick Up Cabinets (PUC)  is the first smart cabinet system the market has seen. The product is as amazing as it sounds. Customers place a mobile or online order and then are given an exact estimate of when to expect the food to be ready for pickup. When the food is prepared and finished it is stored in PUC. The front of the cabinet features an interactive screen that displays the customer's name and the location of their pick-up. For kitchen staff, the back of the cabinet has a monitor that indicates available slots and allows you to load completed orders. When customers come to pick-up their food, they use the QR code or PIN they received to retrieve the finished product. What can be more convenient than that?

Restaurants' overall success and usage of mobile ordering will greatly benefit by incorporating PUC into their processes. Using PUC will organically increase profits. PUC will be able to reduce labor costs, but that is not all. On average, the service time is cut back by 75%. Not only does this streamline the pick-up process, the heated cabinets featured in the PUC keep your customers food warm and ensures high-quality food safety. These are just a few of the reasons that PUC is the "next generation of grab and go solutions."

Interested in seeing what the PUC can do in person? Schedule some time to get a free assessment in one of our Eaton test kitchens to see this technology up close.

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