Eaton Marketing - Aug 10, 2020

Takeout Made Easy With A PUC Smart Cabinet

No matter what type of menu you have, you will need to develop your takeout options in your commercial kitchens for the foreseeable future. This new surge of take-out and to-go options will be sought out by your customers, seeking the same quality and options as they would dining in with you. Attempting to minimize the contact between staff and customers is essential and at the base of everyone's safety. With the PUC  Smart Cabinet, the world of takeout can be convenient and safe for your commercial kitchen. 

Embracing Technology

With online and mobile ordering becoming a go-to option for many kitchens, the PUC Smart Cabinet takes that order one step further. With the recent pandemic, take-out menu options have regenerated in commercial kitchens everywhere. Even after this has subsided, busy customers who want menu options to go will still be lingering around for take-out options. By offering your menu online and mobile-friendly with smart devices, your customers can conveniently purchase their menu through an app without interacting with a staff member.

Once the order has been placed and is ready for pickup by the customer, it is placed in the PUC Smart Cabinet. The staff is able to monitor the cabinet and store the order in a designated slot so that the customer can safely retrieve their order when they arrive for pickup. The pin that your staff member has supplied to them through the mobile order is what they will use on the front of the cabinet, releasing access to their order only. See it in action in the below video. 

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Maintaining a Warm Temperature

These PUC Smart Cabinets come equipped with a warming station to maintain the quality of the food while it waits to be picked up. In order to reduce the staff and customer interaction, the middle ground must supply the same standards. Customers will not return for future orders if they find that the storage for their orders is not warm. 

Minimizing Labor and Operational Costs

With an increase in take-out options, the operations and labor costs are reduced successfully with the use of PUC Smart Cabinet. With the cabinet managing the order once it has been completed, then the costs and profitability of the cabinet will increase for the overall kitchen operation.

While there is a learning curve for any new equipment, this system is a straightforward process that needs little training. Most of the work is done by the PUC Smart Cabinet itself. Ensure that your commercial kitchen has the functionality to maintain this technology so that your staff can be easily use the PUC Smart Cabinet. Learn more about how  to load the PUC in the following video. 

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Multiple Orders Are Available

You do not have to limit your order options when you choose a PUC Smart Cabinet. They are built to house multiple take-out orders so that you can offer this service conveniently for more customers at once. This is one of the concerns that many commercial kitchens have had in the past regarding take-out orders and maintaining the same quality for these customers as those who are dining in.

Also, these cabinets are designed to hold a significant size order for each customer, so feel free to offer a variety of menu options on your take-out menu. Since kitchens across the nation are looking to get creative with their take-out, the space they have for these items is essential. 

If your commercial kitchen is new to the take-out system or you are looking to upgrade your practices due to a spiking interest, it may be time to consider a PUC Smart Cabinet. Get your free kitchen equipment assessment from the experts at Eaton Marketing. We look forward to upgrading your kitchen to meet these new demands. 

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