Eaton Marketing - Nov 3, 2022

Solutions for Successful Takeout and Delivery Service in Restaurants

Enjoying food from a local Florida restaurant doesn't necessarily mean dining in the restaurant itself. Some people like the convenience of takeout and delivery. While this has been popular with pizza chains of all types for many years, off-premise dining has become popular among other types of restaurants; it was a trend that came to the forefront during the height of the pandemic when many restaurants that didn't traditionally offer takeout and delivery options were forced to do so. Now that we're putting the pandemic in the rearview mirror, this trend appears here to stay.

Consumers Expect Takeout and Delivery To Continue

Even though the percentage of people using takeout and delivery increased significantly during the pandemic, the trend is expected to continue even though people have returned to in-person dining. According to reports published by leading accounting and consulting firms such as McKinsey, takeout and delivery are expected to remain popular among restaurants of all types.

There are several reasons why consumers continue to use take-out and delivery even after restaurants reopen for in-person dining. Some people are simply in the habit of supporting restaurants through takeout and delivery options during the pandemic. Other people like the convenience of takeout and delivery options, as they don't have to worry about finding an open table or making a reservation. Some consumers are still concerned about the impacts of the pandemic and choose off-premise dining for safety reasons. Furthermore, many restaurants have made it more convenient than ever to enjoy takeout and delivery, allowing consumers to order food using a mobile app. Simply put, convenience is popular.

At the same time, restaurants must ensure they are well-positioned to take advantage of the surge in demand for takeout and delivery options that will remain in the future. To do this effectively -- providing quality while enhancing profits -- the right foodservice equipment and supplies can help.

Self-Serve Automation Technology

Mobile ordering and convenient pick-up options are essential for busy restaurants. Consider PUC Self-Serve Automation Technology, which includes various features critical for streamlining the ordering and pickup process. With heated and ambient cabinets that can be customized for multiple dishes, restaurants can increase service speed, reduce labor costs, and make the entire process more convenient for customers. 

Customers do not have to worry about interacting with a staff member to pick up their food. They simply unlock the locker using their order information or a QR code, pick up their food, and move on with their day. Furthermore, PUC units come with automatic door openings, which reduces touchpoints to protect customers and employees. With antimicrobial coatings, this pickup locker further reduces the potential spread of pathogens.

A Novel Food Delivery System

While pizza chains have long had options to keep the pizza fresh during the delivery process, a CookTek food delivery system can also be applied to other meals. This novel pizza delivery system has a chargeable base, multiple-size bags, a tray insert, and a FlashPak disk. This food delivery system is perfect for ensuring the food stays fresh as it makes its way to the customer. This maximizes customer satisfaction, increases food quality, and boosts patron loyalty.

The Right Takeout and Delivery Equipment Is Essential

Even though it is good news that patrons are returning to restaurants once again, many people will still expect restaurants to offer takeout and delivery services. That means restaurant managers and owners must ensure they have the necessary equipment to ensure food quality from the restaurant to the customer’s home. By investing in the necessary equipment, restaurant managers can position themselves to meet the rising expectations of patrons, which can put their establishment in a position to compete in the current environment. 

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Written by Eaton Marketing