Eaton Marketing - Nov 30, 2023

The Growing Popularity of Electric Cooking Equipment

Traditionally gas foodservice equipment has been the standard of kitchens in schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other market segments. But lately, as equipment has developed and laws have changed in some states, there have been more commercial kitchens switching to electric cooking. 

And while the laws in Florida haven't changed to force commercial kitchens to ditch their gas appliances, there are plenty of locations that have found that commercial electric equipment is now providing more efficient cooking options for chefs

Gas Versus Electric in the Commercial Kitchen

Historically, commercial kitchens have relied on gas-powered appliances and equipment to complete cooking. However, in recent years, standards have changed. New restrictions imposed on foodservice and commercial kitchens limit the usage and operation of gas equipment, so kitchen operators need to look elsewhere for commercial equipment.

Restrictions aside, more and more kitchens are looking for electric-powered appliances and equipment for stovetops, ovens, and grills. Electric equipment provides incredible benefits for restaurant and kitchen managers, so investing in electric-powered equipment can make a considerable difference in the kitchen's success as gas-powered equipment takes a backseat.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most crucial factors in a commercial kitchen setting. Electric-powered equipment is more energy-efficient than gas-powered equipment. Efficiency is critical for kitchen operators working in commercial environments because the kitchen is one of the highest energy-consuming spaces in a building. With electric equipment, kitchens reduce their power consumption and usage while providing excellent and delicious meals.

Electric-powered equipment is more reliable than gas-powered equipment. Kitchen managers can rely on electric equipment to provide consistent temperatures, cook times, and tastes. Knowing what to expect also improves overall efficiency in the kitchen and makes the dining experience more enjoyable for guests and customers.

Fewer Carbon Emissions

Another great benefit of using electric-powered equipment is that it produces fewer carbon emissions than gas-powered equipment. Carbon emissions are a negative side effect of gas consumption and can hurt the environment. Using electric-powered equipment in the kitchen reduces carbon emissions, and the final result is better green outputs for the environment. 

Forward-thinking and sustainable cooking practices aren't just important morally. They also are expected from guests and diners. When someone spends their money or time at a foodservice institution, they want to know that the business is engaging in positive environmental practices.

More Cost Effective

The initial cost of electric equipment may be higher than gas-powered equipment. Over time, however, electric equipment is more cost-effective in the big picture. Gas-powered equipment has a shorter lifespan and requires significant maintenance to upkeep. On the other hand, electric equipment requires fewer repairs and lasts extended periods.

Equipment failures and breakdowns can significantly slow or even stop production in the kitchen. That compounds the costs of repairs since orders can't be fulfilled, and food comes out slowly. Having reliable electric cooking equipment ensures that diners can be satisfied and the kitchen can continue to operate normally.

Growing Popularity of Electric Amongst Chefs

All of the benefits of commercial electric equipment add up and so many commercial chefs are embracing electric cooking and equipment to improve efficiency and output, reduce repair and maintenance costs, and work towards sustaining a better environment. As the options for electric broilers, ovens, and grilles continue to expand, commercial chefs have more variety to utilize in their kitchens, which, in the long run, helps improve the experience for customers, helping to increase repeat business and increased sales. 

Not sure if your establishment is ready to go electric? Take our free foodservice equipment assessment and find out:

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