Eaton Marketing - May 8, 2024

Uncorking Innovation: Wine on Tap with Perlick

Speed of delivery and the accuracy of orders can mean the difference between a customer ordering additional drinks or leaving after the first one. That's why having innovative equipment that helps bartenders is the key to increasing beverage profits. One such innovation that is gaining momentum is wine dispensing systems. Perlick, a pioneer in commercial bar solutions, is on the cutting edge with its wine dispensing technology. Let's uncork the possibilities and explore how Perlick is revolutionizing wine service.

Understanding Wine Dispensing

Wine dispensing systems have transformed the way businesses serve and preserve wine. Unlike traditional bottle service, which often leads to waste, wine dispensers offer precise portion control and preservation techniques.


Serving wine on tap began about 30 years ago in Europe but recently has taken off in the United States. Storing the wine in stainless steel vessels helps keep the wine fresh so it doesn't age. And less sulfur dioxide for preservation means fewer reactions from those who don't tolerate additives well. Another plus for using a wine dispensing system is that there is less waste in the environment since bottles, corks, labels, and boxes aren't being thrown away. According to Wine Enthusiast magazine, a 20-liter keg can replace more than 26 wine bottles, a statistic bars should share with their environmentally conscience customers.  Perlick_Transparent_330-1

With Perlick's wine dispensing system, there's also the added advantage of their advanced technology maintaining the integrity of each pour, ensuring that every glass served is as fresh as the first. Their Wine Certified Guarantee is Perlick's promise that the system has been developed and tested with a unique line of stainless steel components that ensure the system doesn't corrode or affect the taste and smell of the wine being stored. 

Back Bar Refrigeration with Wine Dispensing

Integrating wine dispensing capabilities into back bar refrigeration units maximizes space efficiency while providing easy access to a diverse selection of wines. Perlick's back bar refrigeration with wine dispensing combines sleek design with functionality, allowing businesses to showcase their wine offerings while maintaining optimal storage conditions. With these wine dispensing with storage models, bars and restaurants can store one-sixth kegs in each of their tapping compartments. This integrated approach streamlines operations, reducing the need for additional equipment and minimizing footprint.


Dual or Single Zone Wine Centers

Perlick's dual and single-zone wine centers cater to businesses with varying wine service needs. Dual-zone wine centers offer separate temperature zones for red and white wines, ensuring each varietal is served at its ideal temperature. Single-zone wine centers provide a versatile solution for businesses focusing on a specific wine profile or limited space constraints. With Perlick's wine centers, bars and restaurants can curate a diverse wine program tailored to their clientele's preferences.


Perlick's commitment to innovation and quality has earned it recognition across the hospitality industry. Partnerships with establishments like Miller's Ale House highlight the value of Perlick's wine dispensing solutions in enhancing the dining experience. As the demand for premium wine service continues to grow, Perlick remains at the forefront, empowering businesses to uncork the full potential of their wine programs.


Perlick's wine dispensing systems offer a glimpse into the future of wine service, where precision, preservation, and presentation converge to elevate the customer experience. Whether integrated into backbar refrigeration or showcased in standalone wine centers, Perlick's innovative solutions provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market. Embrace the spirit of innovation with Perlick and uncork a world of possibilities in wine service.

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Written by Eaton Marketing