Eaton Marketing - Jul 22, 2021

American Made Kitchen Innovation And Automation

Innovation that makes processes easier is a hallmark of American craftsmanship. The country has always created new products that assist businesses and help them succeed. That innovation continues in the foodservice industry with commercial equipment from CTX, Carter-Hoffmann, Concordia, and TurboChef that are made in America.

Commercial kitchens are bustling centers of activity that need to be organized to succeed. Disorganization in any kitchen can lead to lost profits, injuries, and dissatisfaction from customers. Kitchens today are looking for ways to combat labor shortages while still serving quality food on time. Innovation and automation are some of the best ways to help overcome some of these challenges. 


While consumers are becoming more accustomed to going back out to eat, they still have concerns about food safety. According to Food Safety News, surveyed consumers said their top concerns were foodborne outbreaks and illness from contaminated food. Takeout is an area where this comes into play. How can restaurants ensure that the food ordered is kept at temperature without requiring customers to stand in another line and keep orders secure?

Enter the Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet or PUC. This innovative solution addresses food safety and tackles labor as well (more on that in a bit). An antimicrobial, internet-connected cabinet, the PUC offers safe, contactless pickup for takeout orders. Available in ambient or heated units, orders can be placed, paid for, and picked up with no contact using a PIN or QR code and providing food safely every time.

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Labor has been a hot topic lately. With shortages in the foodservice industry around the country, finding ways to accommodate without burning out current staff or affecting customer service is challenging. Finding innovative ways to adjust is made more accessible with innovative equipment. 

Letting customers serve themselves quickly is one way to help with labor. Concordia Beverage Systems offer several self-serve coffee options that are easy to use. The Concordia Xpress takes less than 25 seconds to serve a 12 ounce of coffee, while the Integra lets your staff or the customer make hot and cold drinks with 250 pre-set options. 

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Need help with automation for cooking? Both CTX and TurboChef ovens allow staff to cook a variety of foods in one place. From rapid cook ovens that store cook times for hundreds of recipes to conveyor belt ovens that allow for two different items to cook simultaneously, automated ovens can help your staff cook food thoroughly and take care of other tasks as needed.

Take advantage of our foodservice expertise to learn more about how automation can help your business. Get a free foodservice equipment assessment today.

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Written by Eaton Marketing