Eaton Marketing - Dec 22, 2023

Ventless Solutions That Make Foodservice Operations a Breeze

Increased demand and shifting menu trends can be challenging enough in Florida's foodservice industry, so when we have solutions that can help operators literally make profits out of otherwise unused spaces, they're always worth considering. What specifically? Ventless foodservice equipment. Because ventless units don't require hoods or ductwork, they're far more versatile and easy to install. So, building a high-efficiency kitchen is now within reach and more affordable than ever.

What It Means to Cook With Ventless Equipment

Ventless technology has come a long way in recent years, to the point where it rivals most "traditional" equipment setups. Because of these benefits, using ventless grills, fryers, and ovens makes sense for the holidays.

First, operators have much more flexibility with their kitchen layout and design. Equipment can now be placed outside a specific spot to avoid the need for a hood, allowing businesses to streamline their prep and cooking stations based on needs rather than infrastructure limitations. An operator can rearrange the kitchen based on sales and order numbers, optimizing configurations for catering or peak lunch and dinner rushes.

Second, ventless equipment works much faster and more efficiently than traditional models. So, a commercial kitchen can handle greater volumes of orders, which is helpful for holiday rushes. Whether it's festive fried chicken or decadent fried pastries, these machines increase output while maintaining a consistent quality across each dish.

Another advantage of high-tech ventless solutions is that many come with automated features. This way, fewer workers can handle the same number of orders without mistakes or wasted food. Typically, employees only need training on how to work the machine rather than how to cook individual dishes.

Finally, thanks to high-tech upgrades, ventless cooking equipment is much more compact and mobile. Operators can move ovens and fryers wherever needed or even utilize countertop models to expedite larger orders. Ventless equipment is also helpful for ghost kitchens or pop-up stands. This way, operators can serve food at holiday events and festivals and deliver the same quality as customers expect in-store.

Experience Ventless Paradise with Eaton Marketing: A Recap

Ventless Paradise was the latest edition in the Eaton Paradise Series that has become extremely popular with our customers and partners. During each event, we focus on a specific topic in foodservice, whether it be an item like pizza, an operation like school cafeterias, or an equipment type, such as ventless.

Team xmas thanksgiving

During our Ventless Paradise event, courses were cooked on different machines to highlight the versatility and quality of ventless cooking. For example, we used a Perfect Fry system to deliver perfectly fried foods without the need for ventilation, while other items were prepared on the Evo Ventless Griddle, which is perfect for cooking meats, vegetables, pancakes, and more. Similarly, the Southbend ventless convection oven providing ventless broiler and baking capabilities. Other equipment? The TurboChef Plexor M2 made an appearance, but most important, our team and guests had an amazing time as we deliberated the food and beverage winner -- Thanksgiving or Christmas. Do you have a thought as to which cuisine reigns supreme? The event was a huge success, and it illustrates how the future of foodservice is ventless.

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Written by Eaton Marketing