Eaton Marketing - Aug 25, 2020

How Bars and Breweries Can Survive in the Age of COVID

If we hear the phrase "we're living in uncertain times" one more time, we all might go crazy. So let's approach our entire state of affairs a different way.

There are the things you can control, and there are the things you can't control. One of them you can do something about; the other you can't.

That's about all we're going to say today on the philosophical front as we try our best Yogi Berra impersonation, but the moral of the story is still true.

Breweries and bars across the state of Florida have all been forced to shut down -- aside from part of the legalize that states that they can remain open as long as they serve food. So there it is, the thing you can control.

What are bars and breweries doing? Simple. They're serving food.

The reality is our watering holes can easily pivot from beverage-only service to including food as part of the operation. They can do it safely, conforming to all state regulations and health guidelines. And they can do it profitably.

When you look at serving food as part of your business model, even if you never thought serving food was something you wanted to do, you'll quickly discover there are ways to provide foodservice safely, quickly, and profitably. In fact, it's so easy it just might become part of your regular, day-to-day operations once we find a vaccine for COVID-19 and our lives return to normal.

The next step then becomes answering these questions.

When? We all know this one. It needs to happen now, as soon as humanly possible.

Where? Where in the overall footprint of your operation can you make the space for foodservice? Take time to consider safety concerns, staffing, production, and service. Look for that ideal spot you can turn into another profit center in your bar or brewery.

What? What do you plan to serve? Are there certain foods or menu items that you feel comfortable serving based on staff consideration, food sourcing, and space? By the way, Eaton Marketing's suite of corporate chefs would be happy to help you with a free menu development program for breweries and bars

Who? Who is going to cook and serve your menu items? These answers can be as simple as dedicated time to training and making a few hires to help out with your foodservice program. Again, this is an area where Eaton Marketing can help provide you with some answers.

How? The hardest question to answer is likely "how can I serve food when I don't have any cooking equipment?" You're right. But the answer isn't to go out and buy heavy duty ranges and combi ovens. The answer can be as simple as a few countertop cooking units that you can operate in a very small space without the need for a vent or hood.

how bars and breweries can survive in covid 19

Do you need help with equipment suggestions or even menu development? 

We have a solution, a free solution. Our team of experts at Eaton Marketing (and trust us when I say we have experience with breweries and bars) can help you put together a series of steps to make foodservice happen in your operation.

Book some time with us to get a free Brewery Foodservice Action Plan at your convenience.

Brewery Foodservice Action Plan

Written by Eaton Marketing