Eaton Marketing - Mar 13, 2017

Why Florida Restaurants Need High Quality Ice

Hey, this is Florida. Restaurants in our state need high quality ice for obvious reasons. Whether it's a high end ice program at a South Beach cocktail lounge or a seafood restaurant along the Gulf Coast, we need to keep things cool in our state.

We also need our foodservice operations to be profitable, and ice can have a direct impact on profitability, especially when that ice is deemed as either high quality or poor. Let's take a closer look at why Florida restaurants need high quality ice.


This is really the obvious one. Restaurants, bars, hotels, golf courses, convenience stores, and just about every other type of foodservice operation in Florida needs the ability to serve an ice cold beverage. For places like C-stores, that ice goes hand in hand with the quality of the soda. In a cocktail bar, it will dictate the quality of the drink.


There are many different types of ice. In beverages as discussed above, cubes or chewable ice are likely the way to go. But when you're using ice to store or display food products like seafood, that ice needs to be clean and capable of performing a necessary function. When we think about ice, we obviously think about beverages. Storage and display is also important in many operations.


This one is even more forgotten. There are cooking process that often involved the use of ice, and if that ice is not clean and of the highest quality, it will affect the quality of the food. Take blanching, for example. If you're blanching pearl onions for a beef Burgundy in bowl of low quality, dirty ice, it will most certainly affect your dish.

A Complete Look at the Different Types of Ice

As you can see, there are different uses for ice, and there are different types of ice best suited for those different uses. For a complete look at the different types of ice available for Florida restaurants and foodservice operations, check out our ice guide today.

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