The Art of Serving Outdoors

Enjoying a drink outdoors on a beautiful Florida day is an experience that residents and tourists enjoy. So bars, restaurants, hotels, and country clubs need to ensure that guests don't have a far...
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Commercial Ice - Aug 3, 2020

Five Different Types of Ice to Cool Off Your Florida Beverages

Ice isn't as simple as you might think. From shape to water purification, there are many factors involved in creating a perfectly chilled beverage. But what exactly is ice? There's much more to ice than just frozen water. Here...
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Ice-O-Matic - Dec 30, 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Craft Cocktail Ice

The perfect ice can make or break your craft cocktail. It’s true. Choosing the right craft cocktail ice can take your cocktail from good to great. Sure, the other ingredients are certainly tastier than ice. But without the proper...
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Client Success Stories - Sep 19, 2017

How Ice Affects Your Florida Beverages

When we think about what goes into a beverage, we think about the syrup in juice and soda; the liquor and the mixers; the fruit infusions. What about the ice? Often overlooked, ice can have a large impact on beverages.
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Client Success Stories - Jul 14, 2017

What's in Your Ice?

In every foodservice operation, there is a list of required cleaning that should happen on a daily basis. However, something that rarely makes it onto these lists is cleaning the ice machines. From bad flavors to illness causing...
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Ice-O-Matic - Jun 1, 2017

How to Choose the Best Ice for Your Beverages

Ice is not one size fits all. As things heat up in Florida this summer, you'll be churning out more and more iced beverages. But frozen beverages, iced coffee and tea, soft drinks, and cocktails all require different ice for...
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