Eaton Marketing - Jun 13, 2023

How Beverages Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Restaurants contend with a variety of challenges. Commercial kitchens continue to deal with supply chain issues, labor challenges, and rising food prices -- all of which impact sales. Finding opportunities to increase revenue with the right beverage program can help with these issues, as well as boost customer satisfaction. 

The Power of Coffee

Coffee has been one of the most popular drinks in the world for centuries. And it remains the backbone of the beverage industry. Recently, coffee-based drinks, such as lattes, mochas, and nitro coffee, have gained popularity, bringing younger consumers into the coffee fold. One tip is to offer flavor or espresso shots to go in coffee drinks. These upsells can provide extra depth to customer drinks while increasing operators' revenue. With the right commercial coffee equipment, foodservice businesses can maximize efficiency and provide customers with the quality coffee beverages they expect. 

The Profit Potential of Alcohol

Alcohol continues to be one of the cornerstones of the beverage industry. Restaurants and blogs that want a successful alcohol program need diverse alcoholic beverages. Most restaurant owners and managers know they can profit significantly by having alcohol on the menu. But how can they maximize those profits?


The Allure of Beer

Craft beer has significantly impacted the industry, and restaurants can benefit from having a variety of local beers on tap. Rotating taps with new and seasonal releases will help keep the interest of regulars. Offering seasonal specials, happy hour deals, and beer pairing options with food items can also help increase sales.

The Appeal of Wine

Wine remains a popular drink choice at bars and restaurants, particularly among members of the younger generation. Gen Z consumers continue to drink wine - how they drink it is changing, and restaurants can take advantage of this trend. Sparkling wines are very popular with younger drinkers, as are fruit wines. There's even an emerging market for non-alcoholic wines for the health-conscious or those who are designated drivers. Wine sales can increase by offering pairing suggestions, unique options, and wine flights. 

Industry Trends and Best Practices

Restaurants that want to position themselves for success should monitor industry trends. Sustainable packaging has become important, a transparent supply chain will be essential, and offering health and wellness choices will be a cornerstone of the industry moving forward. Restaurants that follow all best practices regarding beverage options can position themselves for success moving forward.

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Written by Eaton Marketing