The Benefits of Ventless Pizza Ovens

The emergence of ventless pizza ovens represents a revolutionary shift, reshaping traditional kitchens with the potential for efficiency, convenience, and versatility. Why? These innovative solutions...
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Custom Fab & Serving Equipment - Dec 12, 2019

Check Out the Latest in Campus Dining Innovations with a Trip to Lake Brantley High School's Patriot's Pointe

Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs of Seminole County, Florida, has over 2600 9-12 grade students. Over 50% of the student population, along with the staff and teachers, dine at one of the five concepts located within...
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LTI - May 18, 2017

The Quick Way to Remodel Your Florida Corporate Cafeteria

Keeping employees on campus can have many advantages. It encourages interaction. It helps create a company's culture. And it can even be a revenue stream. There's a reason companies like Google are putting major resources into...
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LTI - Apr 8, 2015

Why You Should Transform Your Florida School Cafeteria

Florida school cafeterias are facing more and more challenges. From decreased budgets to low student participation, it almost seems like the deck is constantly being stacked. But with some creativity and the right equipment,...
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LTI - Oct 29, 2013

LTI Innovation Stations Featured At FSNA Commodity Conference

LTI Innovation Stations Featured At FSNA Commodity Conference LTI and Eaton Marketing sponsored the 2013 FSNA Commodity Conference at Champions Gate last week. LTI Innovation Stations were featured.
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