Bar & Beverage

How to Choose the Best Ice for Your Beverages

Ice is not a one-size-fits-all model. As things heat up in Florida, foodservice businesses will be serving more and more iced beverages, especially if there's the option for outdoor dining. However,...
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Schools - Sep 14, 2022

Air Purification for Schools Made Easy (and Potentially Free)

It's been widely reported the most common way for the coronavirus to spread from person to person is through tiny droplets containing the virus that float through the air. Those droplets can actually remain in the air for hours...
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Thermo-Kool - Jul 19, 2022

3 Ways to Preserve Produce in Florida's Commercial Kitchens

Studies show we waste a lot of our food supply, and this fact is no different for commercial foodservice operators in the state of Florida. The good news is sustainability is top of mind when it comes to restaurants, according to...
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covid-19 - Feb 22, 2021

Purify the Air in Your Florida Restaurant with Bluezone

Today in the restaurant industry, the most important factor is ensuring the safety of your guests. This leads to consumer confidence, reassurance that you're doing everything you can to help prevent potential exposure to...
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