Who Makes the Best Summer Burger? Let's Find Out.

Summer is the ultimate season for grilling. And when it comes to grilling, the king of the menu is the burger.
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LTI - Apr 13, 2017

A Look at Some of Florida's Best School Cafeteria Designs

School cafeterias are a central part of every Florida school, whether it's an elementary school, middle school, or high school. A successful school nutrition program depends on revenue that comes from student participation, and...
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LTI - Apr 6, 2017

Why You Should Consider Grab-n-Go in Your School's Foodservice Operations

  Breakfast and lunch are important times in any Florida school cafeteria. This is when school nutrition operators need to increase participation, provide nutritional value, create happier students, and ultimately drive revenue...
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Custom Fab & Serving Equipment - Sep 19, 2016

What Does LTI Provide for Florida Foodservice Operators?

LTI, formerly known as Low Temp Industries, has been building a reputation around superior craftsmanship in manufacturing and industry expertise since 1947. But who are they, and what can they provide for Florida foodservice...
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LTI - Jun 1, 2016

Rep Prep: 10 Minutes with Foodservice Equipment Expert Lou Dellaporta

Rep Prep from Eaton Marketing is an informative series that gives you access to one of our foodservice equipment experts. In this edition, spend 10 minutes with Lou Dellaporta, and find out what he used to think about the future...
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LTI - May 18, 2015

See an LTI Cafeteria Rescue in a Pinellas High School

At 1 p.m. on Friday, the cafeteria at Eastlake High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida looked like your typical school cafeteria that hadn't been upgraded in years. It was dull and shabby and looked more like an assembly line...
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