Bar & Beverage

Brews and Booze: Elevate Your Coffee Shop Game with Cocktails

Coffee bars and java shop owners have become captivated by a profit-generating trend brewing in the food and beverage industry. If you’re unfamiliar, there’s a star-studded marriage of coffee and...
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Cooking Equipment - Sep 9, 2022

Why Ventless Cooking?

Ventless cooking is one of the most important foodservice trends today. Coming in conjunction with the move toward electricity (all ventless cooking equipment is powered by electricity), ventless cooking can literally transform...
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Eaton Rep Prep - Aug 18, 2022

Rep Prep: Spend a Few Minutes with Mike Cushing

In this month's Rep Prep, we're introducing Mike Cushing. Joining our quotes department, Mike has been in the foodservice industry since high school and has no plans of slowing down as he continues to grow.
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Carter-Hoffmann - Jul 26, 2022

Growing and Serving the Freshest Microgreens While Also Saving Money

Eating local has been a popular trend among diners for a while. But have you heard of the hyperlocal trend? One of the hottest food trends for several years, hyperlocal means not just sourcing foods from local farms, but also...
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Thermo-Kool - Jul 19, 2022

3 Ways to Preserve Produce in Florida's Commercial Kitchens

Studies show we waste a lot of our food supply, and this fact is no different for commercial foodservice operators in the state of Florida. The good news is sustainability is top of mind when it comes to restaurants, according to...
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Eaton Rep Prep - Jul 6, 2022

Rep Prep: Spend a Few Minutes with Amayah Lawrence

The Rep Prep series is a way for us to introduce you to our great team members to learn a little more about them at work and off the clock. This month we're talking with our newest team member, Amayah Lawrence. Part of our...
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