Cooking Equipment

The Growing Popularity of Electric Cooking Equipment

Traditionally gas foodservice equipment has been the standard of kitchens in schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other market segments. But lately, as equipment has developed and laws...
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Product of the Quarter - Perlick Mobile Bar Spotlight

Last year the bar and nightclub market hit just shy of 30 billion dollars, and it’s estimated that more than 54 percent of Americans have had an alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days. On top of that, 70 percent of people in the...
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Blodgett - Apr 12, 2023

The Best Sugar Cookies Require a Great Oven

What makes a delicious sugar cookie? The perfect sugar cookie should melt in the mouth, burst with flavor, and have a personal touch that makes it unique. Making delicious sugar cookies requires the best ingredients, such as...
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trends - Mar 15, 2023

A Look Ahead at Wedding Season 2023

When it comes to weddings in Florida, any time of the year can be viewed as wedding season. Still, late spring and early summer are often seen as the peak season for weddings, so here is some information to help hotels, caterers,...
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Perlick - Mar 15, 2023

Labor and Profitability from Hotels to Restaurants

Being a hospitality or catering foodservice professional isn’t just a career. It’s a passion. Even when hotels are more crowded post-pandemic, hospitality and catering businesses are trying to appeal to customers while...
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Lang - Mar 1, 2023

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Use a Clamshell Griddle

Clamshell griddles are an innovative way to reduce cook times while promoting even cooking from both sides of an ingredient. They can reduce cook times by as much as 50 percent, meaning grilled and griddle menu items can be...
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