celebration of life

Celebrating the Life of Lou Dellaporta

This is truly one of the saddest times we have had here at Eaton Marketing and so it is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Lou Dellaporta. Lou was a shining example to the six...
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Thermo-Kool - Jun 15, 2015

The Benefits of Blast Chilling and Shock Freezing for Florida Foodservice

Whether it's a reach-in blast chiller or a roll-in shock freezer, reaching and holding the proper storage temperatures can be a daunting task in Florida. When you preserve your food, you also preserve your reputation and your...
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Thermo-Kool - Feb 27, 2013

Thermo-Kool Hosts FCSI Continuing Educational Growth Training Seminar

Thermo-Kool recently hosted its bi-annual FCSI Continuing Professional Growth Walk-in, Refrigeration and Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer Training Seminar which was held at theThermo-Kool factory. Nine consultants participated in...
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Thermo-Kool - Feb 13, 2013

The NAFEM Show 13 | All About Relationships

Being my first NAFEM Show, Eaton Marketing thought it would be a good idea for me to take a few minutes and jot down my perpective - through a digital marketing guy's eyes. Yeah, I've had a little experience in the food...
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